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You wake up earlier then you normally would, the sun is to bright even if you want to sleep in, Blastoise tell you to go have fun with other Pikachu and to just call him if you get into trouble. You wonder off to where the other pikachus are.


Gary wakes up at his home his grandfather is all ready gone off to work like normal, but Daisy made him a boxed lunch. Gary eats the breakfast butdoes not say a word to his sister.

Daisy: You ok?


Daisy: Your new pokemon is quite cute you should go see her today, you have not caught any new ones in a while but I can see why you wanted to catch this one her blue eyes make her sooo cute.

Gary:...She was different from other female pikachus that's why I caught her, even if I was looking for....*Gary paused when he was about to say your name* never mind....I am going to close the gym for a few days if any one with seven badges comes buy just tell them to wait for two days....bye I going to Cinnabar Island.

Daisy: Stay safe

Gary went off to Cinnabar Island the place he all ways goes when he fells down, or needs to be alone deep in his thoughts, why this Island maybe because he had a happy memory there or maybe because no one really goes there any more expect for a few trainers on the way back to Pallet. Gary was setting on the edge of the Island skipping some rocks thinking to him self. Why didn't you email me that you were fine, I was so worried about you I was the one who stayed up the latest looking for you Red and Yellow both stopped looking to go to bed way before I did, and when I came to Yellow's cabin justto take a nap you, emailed her instead of me, I am the one who saw you fall don't you think you should have let me know too...but I guess I should be used to this, you mailed Red all the time and emailed Gramps but I never got a single one, even if we are rivals I still know you better then anyone...but we did fight because I wanted you to keep going on to be a master, even if deep down I needed you to stay. I just thought you would have forgiven me after a month or two then you could tell me all about your adventures while becoming pokemon master. But I guess I should be used to this buy now.....maybe I should just give up....I wish I could but I just can't! * Gary throws a rock really far then lays down to look at the sky.

~~~~~~back to you~~~~~~~

You walked up to the other pikachus which was different hearing what they were saying, you began to wonder what does a pokemon do, when a riachu came up to you. Who explained things about living in this pika clan and how it was different from the wild. Then Tracey who works at Professor Oak's lab brought pika food for all the Pikachus, Raichus and Pichus.

Tracey: Here you go everyone.

They all eat it, then Tracey looks at you.

Tracey: Wow what a different looking Pikachu I must draw you. * gives you pika food*

You try the pika food but it taste like pine needle trees and bark. You make a yuck face and spit out the food. You try it again but now you can't get the taste out of your mouth. You run to where what seems to be a normal lake and you drink some water ,wash your face and then you fell resfeshed. A Poilwhirl appears.

Poilwhirl: HEY YOU how dare you wash your face in our water the cleaning river is over there! Pokémon drink and play here what if you had flees, we water pokemon need clean water.

You: I was only using it to get that food taste out of my mouth.

Poilwhirl: Tracey takes good care of us and gives us good food when our trainers are away he cares for us don't YOU DARE disrespect HIM YOU Lv.5!!!!

You: Lv. 5????

Poilwhirl: You're trainer doesn't even have the time for you, I am lv. 35

You: Level 35 you should be at least a 50 if you're trainer spends time with you.

Surkit: You shouldn't have said that his trainer quit training him after he caught anew one then they challenged the pokemon league even if his trainer promised they do it together.

Poilwhirl was really mad now he attacked you and you entered abattle you landed a few hits but it was not effective, he hit you twice then you blacked out and woke up back near the pikachs.

Blastoise: You better be more carful I saw you two battling I stoppeditand took you back to the lab you should not try to get into more fights I know its in your nature as a newly caught pokemon to act wild in till you spend time with your trainer but you're not wild anymore. Blastoise left, after that you walked around just to see where the pokemon lived you even saw some of your box pokemon, and you even said hi and tried to tell them who you were and they laughed thinking it was a joke and that you did a good impression of their master. Along the way you kept making mistakes and getting into pokemon battles with pokemon that are a higher level then you, you did not want to start these fights you just didn't understand their ways. You we getting hungry but you wanted human food so you broke back into Professor Oak's lab and opened to refrigerator and you saw one bento box you took it out inside was onigiri and some beef curry and rice. You heated up the curry and rice in to microwave while you waited you eat the onigiri. Then you started eating the curry with a spoon.

Professor Oak: My Lunch!

You: Pi *opps*

Professor Oak: I guess I should have stopped you when I saw you open the refrigerator but I was just so socked that you could do that and then you even re-heated it and you could eat it with a spoon most pikachus eat plants, berries and small bugs pokemon. Tracey did say you spit out his food he was so heart broken hahahaha he tried to make you another but he could not find you but my other helpers did hahaha you got into a lot of battles today *pets your head while you eat curry* you grew 5 levels trying to catch up to my grandson's other pokemon I saw you with them this morning I bet you want to be strong formy grandson. Here have some of the pika food Tracey made for you. * gives you food* It's better for you then that curry.

You try it at first it taste like berries then it has a bad after taste of bark you spit it out again then go back to curry.

Professor Oak: You don't like pika food huh?

You: Chu *yes*

Professor Oak: You like human food better?

You: Chu *yes*

Professor Oak: I will take note of that, but you will have to have food in the lab away from the others they might get jealous. I will have Daisy make yousome food too.

You: Pikachu pi ka ka chu * you understand me right it's me ________.

Professor Oak: You remember Daisy I think that will make her happy *pets head* maybe she will take you from Gary hahahaha now go back out side have fun I am going to be busy. * picks up your finished dish*

You walk back outside you think to yourself I guess if professor can't understand me thenI have to be come a better pokemon since I don't have wild pokemon to fight and I really can't tell what level these pokemon are, I will fight with this rock. You found a rock witch was away from most pokemon, there was a jolton, veporeon and glaceon near byyou asked if you could train there they said it was ok they don't really fight anyway there trainer is an eevee breeder so they don't really get out much.

You: Thank you for letting me train here everyone else gets so mad.

Jolton: It's no big deal to us, wild life must be so different we all came from eggs it must have been hard fighting all the time.

*every pokemon you meet thinks your weird behavior has something to do with your wild sprit no one believes that you were a human once you thought they would so maybe the would help you but you guess it's no use.*

Absol: Wow you gained ten levels since I first saw you miss Chu.

You look around and you see a Absol. Veporeon and Glaceon blush Jolton rolls his eys.

Veporeon: It's Absol The Wild One, he is level 50 and he got there all on his own he comes here to sometimes battle trainer's pokemon.

Jolton: He never lost one yet, and people try to catch him he even has a reward forthr trainer who catches him big deal.

Glaceon: I wish I could make eevee babies with him.

Veporeon: Me too.

Jolton: Hey what about me?

Absol: Can't a hold on toyou're chicks, too bad but don't worry I am not here for them. * Absol jumps down the girls seem disappointed Jolton seems glad, Absol walks to you then kisses you* I came for you Miss Chu

You: WHAT!!!!!!! * you wipe off that kiss* oh no I just kissed an Absol what if I make an egg what will it become ahhhh.

Absol: Silly Miss Chu you have to *beep* to make an egg.

You: But you just can't go around kissing people.

Absol: I didn't kiss a HUMAN I kissed you and I can do what ever I want I am free no trainer, I am my own boss, you see Miss Chu it's my dream to become lv 100 and battle a legendary pokemon on win to show the world that a pokemon on his own without a trainer can make himself powerful but I have been suck and 50 for along time and I trained and trained but I am not getting any better. But you see those humans make these things called rare candy that can level up a pokemon Ineed to steal some and I want you to help me get some I will give you 50% what do you say.

You: Why do you need my help?

Absol: You can pick locks like a human I can't steal stuff after closing time but with your help I can please help me have my dream.

You: Fine I will help you so where are we going?

Jolton, Veporeon, Glaceon: NO WAY!!!

Glaceon: What about your trainer? What if he comes back for you and you're not there?

Vepporeon: You will be out there alone, if you get hurt or faint with out your trainer you might die.

Jolton: Don't do it kid.

You: I am not a kid, and I can take care of myself and how can I turn someone down from his dream I am going.

Absol: That's the sprit Miss Chu hop on let's go to Pewter City.

You hop on Absol back on he takes you out of Professor Oak'slab, Absol runs pretty fast and soon you are out side Pallet Town.

You: Why don't you try Viridian city's Poke'mart?

Absol: When you fainted after the third or fourth battle I saw your trainer's ID, after you're caught you are forever suck with your trainers ID so if you get lost or something you can be returned to your trainer I saw that your trainer is Gary Oak the Viridian Gym leader so if he not with you then he must be there and if someone see us and we have to battle if we win they usually call the police. But if they can't stop us then they will call the gym leader of that town which is your master and I don't want our plans to stop just cause your master tells you to stop or makes you return.

You see his point and then you make it to Pewter City. Absol and you wait till the poke'mart closes then you make you're move. Using your skills you learned as a human you pick the lock and open it. You and Absol run inside he takes a bag and finds the rare candy he puts it in the bag. Just when you think your home free the police sees you two.

Police: It's Absol The Wild one get him!!!

The police sends out his pokemon you and Absol enter you use team work to beat all the police's pokemon.

Absol: Wow we work good together.

The police man points a scanner at you it beeps then it takes a picture of you Absol trys to block the shot but the police gets a mostly good picture of you.

Absol: Damit the got a got a picture of you now try can find out who you belong to.

Brock comes in and enter a battle with you two. At first you are not doing so will.

Absol: We are so close but we won't make it much longer.

You: What if we attack together it will do more damage.

Absol: Really? sounds weird Miss Chu I never seem any trainer do that before.

You: It's a style of fighting I learned on some other region trust me.

Absol: Ok lets try. You two combined your attacks and beat Brocks Pokémon.

You hop back on Absol's back while holding the bag of rare candies.

Absol jumps inside a parked truck then tells you to be quit then the door closes.

Absol: This truck goes to Celadon city where we can get a ton of rare candies, here is your share* pushes to you a pile of rare candies you eat it and you can believe it. It's the best candy you ever had no words can describe how good this candy really is. Thanks to this pile you are now lv20 and Absol is lv 55* good huh? Let's take a nap it will be a while till we get there.

You: Can I tell you something?

Absol: Yeah sure what's up?

You tell him all about how you were a pokemon master then you went into that mist and turned into a Pikachu you hoped he would believe you unlike the rest of the pokemon you meet.

You: Do you believe me?

Absol: Sure

You: But I am telling the truth you have to...wait did you say?

Absol: Yes I did, how else would you explain how you came with me, no caught pokemon would ever run away with a wild pokemon, you don't have the same lifestyle as they do you are more free like me and being a human once explains a lot of thing like why you eat curry, can pick lock, and why you don't understand pokemon common sense. I believe you are ______ _______ pokemon master, but it's still hard to believe why a master would become a pokemon. Maybe after this you and I can look into how you went from being a human to a pokemon.

You: Really you do that for me?

Absol: Yep you bet Miss Chu you help me, I help you, I still can't believe I kissed a human hehee

You: Will it won't happen again

Absol: Oh really? * kisses you again*

You: Ack nooo* wipes off again*Absol: Your too fun Miss Chu hahahaha

You and Absol soon fall asleep and wait for what's to come in Celadon city.....
Gary is not in the mood to withdraw his new pokemon "you" so you are still at professor oak's lab. Since you were a human you can't quite understand the pokemon way and that gets you into a lot of trouble a long the way you meet a wild Absol who gets you into a whole lot of trouble...

Ch 3 [link]

Ch 5 [link]
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